September Appalachian Trail Photos

These photos were taken in September in New England.

From my journal:

“Far above, we saw a few climbers moving slowly up the ridge.   They looked tiny due to the distance and the enormity of the boulders.   Kokopelli and I continued steadily upward, and within an hour since beginning the scramble, topped out on a flat, expansive plateau called the Tableland.   Here, the wind was more gentle, and the sun felt warm.   A mile in the distance, ahead of us and to the left of the trail, we could see the apex of the summit ridge — our goal.  

Energized by the exciting climb through the boulders, and euphoric from having completed the most challenging section of the route, Kokopelli and I moved across the Tableland toward the final rise and the top of Mt. Katahdin.   The final 100 vertical feet presented a course of boulders over and around which we walked without using our hands.   Soon we crested the summit ridge and walked easily toward the summit marker, a sign that announces the top of the mountain.   Beyond the summit marker, the serrated profile of the Knife’s Edge ridge descended the other side of Katahdin, a magnificent sight on this clear day.