May Appalachian Trail Photos

These photos were taken in May, between Hogback Ridge shelter and Pickle Branch shelter.

From my journal:

“I arrived at the Laurel Fork Hostel on Dennis Cove Road around 10:30 am.   A short day today for a shower, laundry, and a new supply of food.   I was able to make calls from a pay phone here.   I am sharing a cabin with Buttercup from Kentucky, with Buffalo Bobby and Binjali next door.   I was happy to see Kokopelli arrive at the hostel, and it was fun playing basketball with her and getting to know her better.   Iceman and Mack went to another nearby hostel.   Soco found Buttercup’s hiking poles at a shelter where she had forgotten them.   He brought them 10 miles to the hostel for her.   Freebird arrived here and is going to pitch his tent near the bunkhouse.   Tomorrow there is a big climb up to Pond Flats.   After that it should be relatively easy to the Watauga Lake shelter.

Someone said that Laurel Falls, early in tomorrow’s hike, is a beautiful waterfall.