March Appalachian Trail Photos

These photos were taken in March, between the start of the AT at Springer Mtn. in Georgia and the first town we went into a week later -- Hiawassee, GA.

From my journal:

“Grasshopper and I walked into Dicks Creek Gap and immediately got a ride into Hiawassee from a fellow who calls himself “Tater.”   He thru-hiked the AT in 2000.   We took a “zero” day (walked zero miles) at the Hiawassee Inn, where we did laundry, took showers, dried out our gear and ate as much food as possible.   On Day 9 we got a ride from Grasshopper’s wife Melody back to Dicks Creek and did 11.6 miles up to Muskrat Creek Shelter.   Most of the day was hiked in the rain, and it was foggy all day.   About 8-9 people slept at the shelter, and more had to tent in the rain nearby.   Met Mountain Man, Dealer, Sheephead, and a few other people I had not seen before.   On Day 10 we made another 12.5 miles to Carter Gap Shelter.   Mountain Man made a good campfire and we sat around after dark talking and resting.