July Appalachian Trail Photos

These photos were taken in July, between Dahlgren Camp and Delaware Water Gap.

From my journal:

“When I began the AT hike, it seemed like a simple matter: a walk in the woods.   People with far less physical capability than I do it every year.   Itís not that difficult (compared to some of the other things Iíve done), and is not even a true wilderness experience ó itís quite safe, with cell phone service available a good deal of the time.   All it takes is perseverance and consistency (and a tolerance for being hot, cold, wet, tired, smelly, and dirty, among other inconveniences).   But Iíve learned that hiking 2,174 miles can be difficult ó when you are ill, especially.   I have taken a total of three weeks off since March, all due to being sick.   This has made my goal of reaching the northern terminus of the AT (Mount Katahdin, in Maineís Baxter State Park) by the parkís closure date quite improbable....