April Appalachian Trail Photos

These photos were taken in April, between Dick's Creek Gap and Hogback Ridge shelter.

From my journal:

“A milestone today: Completed 10% of the AT. Wow, only 90% left to go…

Grasshopper and I left Icewater Springs at 7:00 am and were the first ones away from the shelter.   I saw absolutely no one all day.   We beat the rain, but as I sit here in the Tri-Corner Knob shelter it is now coming down hard on the shelter roof.   Grasshopper and I had stopped on the trail about 70 yards from the shelter loop, and decided we probably had another two miles (and another mountain to climb) before we would reach the shelter.   Then Grasshopper suddenly called back to me that he had spotted the shelter.   What a relief!   I was more than ready to stop for the day.   We will see who else shows up here tonight, as evening comes.   Tomorrow I will have a long hike, but will be happy to have completed the Smoky Mountains section of the AT.